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Nakki Lake

A picturesque lake located in the city center, Nakki Lake is an amazing place for tourists to visit. It's the first man-made lake in India with a depth of 11,000 meters and is surrounded by mountains, lush greenery, and strangely shaped rocks. It's a sacred place for the proud Garacia Tribe and the clean blue waters with verdant surroundings give a romantic feel to couples. Tourists mostly love to do boating in the lake and shopping around the streets.

Dilwara Temples

  A beautiful pilgrimage destination for Jain religion followers that was designed by Vastupal Tejpal and was later built by Vimal Shah in between the year 11th and 13th century. The temple is renowned for its intrigued carvings on the marbles and the moment you step in the stunning designs and patterns carved on the roofs, walls, archways and pillars will leave you awestruck. The temple portrays the values and principles of the Jain religion.

Trevor's Tank

Located at a distance of 5 kms from the heart of Mount Abu town, Trevor's Tank is an artificial man-made lake that is used as a breeding site for crocodiles and attracts a large number of tourists in a day who are fond of wildlife and nature. The place was constructed by an engineer called Col. G H Trevor and is now a popular picnic spot for localities, tourists and photographers who love to capture varied species of birds - it's a paradise for bird lovers.

Sunset Point

It's an old saying that no hill station is called complete without a sunset point and Mount Abu is no exception - outlandish view of the rugged Arravali Ranges that is sunkissed by radiating rays of the setting sun draws maximum guests to the sunset point of Mount Abu close to the lake. The sky changing colors, chirping of birds, greenery around makes the place so promising that each guests' coming over definitely adds a picture of it in their travel memories.

Arbuda Devi Temple

One of the most renowned pilgrimage destinations in Mount Abu that stands as a testimony to the rich architectural heritage of Rajasthan. The temple has an old belief that ‘Adhar’ of the goddess fell and was later found hanging in the mid air owing to which the temple got the name of Adhar Devi Temple. To seek the blessings, one needs to climb 365 steps and each step resembles days of the year - the architectural style will leave you stunned.

Guru Shikhar

Known as the highest peak point of Araavali Ranges, Guru Shikhar is at a height of 1722 meters from the sea level and is named after Guru Dattatreya - the name means “ The peak of the Guru”. The place has a beautiful view of the hills with a temple for Guru Dattatreya and is mostly visited by the tourists when clouds cover the space and makes it a breathtaking view, one can also trek to the hill and ring the old bell whose chimes fill the valley for long and far.

Raghunath Temple

A 650 year old temple that is located on the shores of the Nakki Lake and is dedicated to the belief of reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. Mostly the place is visited by Vaishanavites who count the place as the most sacred pilgrim site on Earth. The place portrays the heritage of Mewar in their construction, inscriptions on the wall and paintings. The place has many stories, some say it was built by Shri Ramanand in the 14th century and some say it is for the princess whose love story never fell for eternity.

Gaumukh Temple

A pious pilgrimage site dedicated to Guru Vashishtha who did a yagna there to seek the blessings of God and Goddesses for the safety of the Earth. The place is widely visited by followers of Lord Shiva and other devotees who get curious after hearing of the mysterious waterfall from the mukh of Nandi - the divine bull of Lord Shiva in the Hindu mythology. Legends say, during exile Lord Ram came along with brother and wife to seek blessings and gyaan from Guru Vaishtha.

Achalgarh Village

A picturesque village of Mount Abu that is renowned for owning Achalgarh Fort and Achaleshwar Temple - the fort was constructed on the peak of the mountain and a 10 minute climb from Achalgarh will bring you to the beautiful and historic Jain temples which are famous for its beautiful sculptures and scenic locations. The temple of Achaleshwar is famous for having an idol of Nandi which was made out of 5 metals, gold, silver, copper, brass and zinc.


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